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About aLi-g design
I originally intended to produce a website showcasing my skills in communication design and offering my freelance services to the general public. I must admit, my idea has grown slightly since conception. In reality, communication design only describes one facet of my artistic interests, and as my interests and talents grew, so did the scope of this website.

Some may consider the marriage of graphic design and classic handcrafts an odd one. To me, an eye for layout and form can extend beyond the printed page to everyday objects and simple accents to life.

aLi-g design offers custom communication design and print media, which can be found under the Graphic Design and Wedding tabs. In addition, I have added many of my handcraft products to the website, which are available for purchase online. These items fall under the Crafts and Jewelry tabs, and are summarized in the list on the left. Custom home decoration and handcraft items are also available. Please contact me for details.
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